Custom WUFI® Pro Workshops for Your Firm

RRCL recently delivered a two-day WUFI workshop to a building science group within a large Ontario consulting engineering firm. Here’s what they had to say:

“A group from our building science team recently completed a two-day WUFI training with Russell. We all had different levels of knowledge and experience using the software. Russell successfully managed to cover all the basics of the software and expand on the modelling, analysis, and delivery of results. The training was very engaging and focused on our needs. We were able to work on various case studies, with refences to real projects, gaining practical knowledge and experience with the software. The benefits of having a customized training course was invaluable.  We could ask questions and resolve issues that were specific to our projects and field of work. It was an extremely effective course and we left with a lot of practical and useful information. Russell is an excellent instructor with real passion for building science.” 

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