2016 EnergyPlus Workshop

RRCL is proud to present the 2016 EnergyPlus workshop taking place at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto.

Feb 19th, 20th and 21st.
The  workshop will be a hands on workshop with more time focussed on completing two case study projects: a single family residential house, and a small office building.
1. Basics & Overview
2. Building envelope – infiltration, ground heat transfer, window modelling
3. Ventilation & Airflow
4. Lighting and Equipment loads
5. Mechanical systems – typical and high performance options
6. Output and reporting – overview of EnergyPlus output, custom reporting
The instructor will be my former graduate student, Mr. Hayes Zirnhelt.  He completed an extensive EPlus model on NRC’s CCHT Twin Houses and has become extremely experienced in modelling houses in Energy Plus. Following his masters degree, Hayes has worked as an energy modelling consultant, and taught the EnergyPlus workshop at Ryerson in 2014. Over the last 2.5 years he has been working for Rocky Mountain Institute, as an energy modeller and design consultant working on cutting edge deep energy retrofits, and new net zero energy demonstration projects.

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2012 THERM/WUFI Workshops are tremendous successes

RRCL is pleased to report the 1st THERM/WUFI Workshop series to be a tremendous success!

11 participants from both industry and academia attended the workshops in May 2012 at Ryerson University.

Praise for the Workshops…

“These workshops proved invaluable to both my architectural science education and future career” – S. Biersteker (current undergraduate student)

“Russell taught both programs with an excellent balance of technical rigour and hands-on application” – E. Song (current undergraduate student)

“This course is a must for all practicing building scientists” – B. Hartogsveld (project manager)

As an expert user of THERM, Russell provided the instruction and know-how to strengthen my knowledge and use of the program” – N. Pearson (consultant)

Snapshots from the Workshops…


The "graduating" class of the May 2012 Workshops

Day 1 - Getting Ready to Start

Teaching Psi Factor Boundary Conditions

View of the Classroom

Russell Introducing the Next Topic