Guess Which Roof is Super-Insulated…..?!

(it’s the one with the snow on it!!!)

RRCL was the building envelope consultant on this deep-energy retrofit in the east end of Toronto back in 2009/2010. We were in the neighbourhood and stopped by; this is what we saw. Although all the porch roofs still have snow on them (since it’s cold on both sides), only the super-insulated roof on our project still has snow (the one on the far right!)

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Keep Your Enclosure Design Simple…

While we do not know the story behind this project, there are three different water resistive barriers (WRB’s) in this picture. RRCL strives to support Architects and Designers to maintain simplicity in their enclosure design. Multiple products can lead to compatibility issues, varying performance (diffusion, air tightness transitions, durability, etc.) and general confusion on site.

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Roofs with a View

RRCL has inspected hundreds of roofs over the past 20+ years. Over the past few months, we had some amazing views from some of these roofs.

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Understanding and Maintaining Your Ventilation Device is Key to Making it Last

Last month we took apart two Ultimate Air RecoupAerator 200DX whole house ERV units that required specific maintenance; one a new motor, the other new bearings. When taking these apart, we were reminded how elegant a design the units were. We were also reminded how dirty they get after 5+ years of use! In case you are wondering, yes, we successfully repaired both units and they have been running smoothly.

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A roof with a view…

We were recently assessing the building envelope of an office building in downtown Ottawa. As we climbed up the roof ladder and surveyed our surroundings (our normal procedure when going on roofs), I noticed this special view.

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Metal Cladding Corrosion

Here is an incredible example of metal cladding corrosion at one of our projects visited in late June 2020. Wasted from an industrial process was stored for long periods below this area. Corrosive gasses accumulated at the top of the warehouse building and caused the deterioration to the metal cladding.